Universal Contour Wrap

Lose inches with this unique and impressive treatment! This body wrap uses a detoxifying clay solution to slim and shape the body. Perfect before an event or holiday, and the inch loss lasts for up to 30 days*.

This treatment is so effective that we guarantee a full refund if you do not lose 6 inches or more. 

The universal contour wrap is an innovative and detoxifying full-body treatment which is excellent for volume loss as well as an improved sense of wellbeing. 

An ideal pre-holiday or pre event treatment the wrap will leave you noticeably slimmer for at least 30 days*. 

This treatment uses bandages steeped in a cleansing clay formula, which are then wrapped around the body by the therapist. It is well known for making clients lose inches off their waists, arms and thighs, along with totally detoxifying the body from head to toe.

What to expect?
A Nova Clinic beauty therapist will first measure key indicators of volume loss, including around your waist, thighs and upper arms, before wrapping you in pre-soaked, mineral-rich clay bandages. Once this is done, you'll be given a warming blanket to lie down and relax. The wrap is kept on the body for one hour, before it is taken off and your measurements retaken. Very often, clients are shocked by how much one hour makes a difference to both their measurements and their wellbeing.
The many benefits of a universal contour wrap
The benefits of this luxurious beauty treatment are two-fold: it will reduce measurements by at least six inches for one month. This makes it the perfect treatment before going to special occasions like a wedding, or for toning up before your summer holiday. The amazing inch loss experienced is one thing, but having vastly improved well-being on top of it is a huge plus. This is because the clay used is extremely rich in minerals vital to the body, such as magnesium and iron, and draws impurities out of the skin. 

This 90 minute treatment is guaranteed to leave you slimmer and revitalised after just a single session*. 

* Treatment results and duration of results varies between individuals.