Body Contouring

What does it mean and what are the options?

Body Contouring

What Does it Mean, and What are the Options?
Clinic Manager and Senior Aesthetician Silvia answers some key questions on body contouring and how treatments can get you back in shape faster.

What is Body Contouring in aesthetics?

Silvia: Body contouring or body sculpting in aesthetics is the process of reshaping the body through non-surgical means. Body contouring combines fat removal, skin tightening and smoothing through treatments tailored to improve body shape. Treatments can include temperature based fat reduction techniques or the manual stimulation of fat cells to induce lipolysis, where fat cells empty contents are reduced in size. Body contouring treatments can also incorporate thermal stimulation or physical stimulation of collagen and elastin to increase firmness in treatment areas.

Are these treatments suitable for everyone?

S: Body contouring treatments are not suited to very overweight patients. Whilst they won't cause harm it’s unlikely that the effects will be very noticeable. If you have a very high BMI we would recommend diet and exercise for weight loss, before commencing on a body contouring programme. Non surgical treatments are designed to target stubborn areas, issues with shape or skin firmness. Body contouring treatments are clinically proven to assist slimming and shaping on patients not too far away from a healthy weight. Additionally, certain medications and medical conditions can make you unsuitable for more advanced treatments, so we recommend booking a consultation with a senior practitioner.

What areas of the body are usually treated ?

S: Body contouring treatments are targeted towards undesirable fatty deposits, such as love handles, thighs, arms, bra strap folds, and abdomen. There is also now a growing trend in changing shape through body contouring, with non surgical bum lifting, waist trimming or inner thigh slimming protocols available across many clinics

What are the best clinic treatments?

S: For fast localised fat reduction I would recommend fat freezing treatments with Cooltech. Results are impressive, with 20-30% fat loss in a single session.
We also love LPG Endermologie, a clinically proven treatment which provides slimming, firming and cellulite smoothing in a vacuum suction mechanical massage. The treatment does require multiple sessions but produces great results with the added benefit of lymphatic drainage and relaxation.

How long do results last?

S: Body contouring treatments vary greatly in the efficacy and longevity of results. Massage, radio frequency or electro stimulation based treatments usually require ongoing maintenance plans to keep results at end point level. More direct fat destruction treatments, such as fat freezing or fat removal with laser, have longer term results with fewer treatments required.

Are there any good home treatment options?

S: At home options will not achieve the results achieved by clinic technologies, however they can be useful for maintaining results of clinic treatments. There are at home massages for cellulite that can help keep skin firm and fatty deposits at bay. At home electrical muscle stimulation systems have been used for many years, with some success. Home options have less power and will require more frequent, even daily use to achieve any result.

How about the downtime and cost?

S: Non-surgical body contouring treatments carry little to no downtime. Treatment after effects can be an instant sense of relaxation and well-being, or can leave you feeling a little bruised and tender, but able to carry on with normal life immediately. Costs range from £85 per session for procedures such as LPG Endermologie, £400 per session for Cooltech cryogenic lipolysis, to £2000 for non surgical laser liposuction treatments such as Endolift laser. Costs will vary by treatment area size, at consultation your practitioner can provide a personalised treatment plan based on your own concerns and requirements.

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Remove stubborn fat without surgery or downtime with Cooltech's advanced body sculpting treatment. Fat is destroyed in a single, safe and comfortable procedure, for noticeably slimmer results.

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40 min | Pain Free

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Smooth away cellulite, firm skin and break down stubborn fat with this revolutionary treatment. LPG Lipomassage targets all problem areas for the ultimate in body contouring with mechanical vacuum suction massage techniques.

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ENDOLIFT® has multiple purposes such as : remodeling of both deep and superficial layers of the skin, skin firming and toning, the stimulation of collagen production and, when necessary, the reduction of excessive fat.

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