Body Treatments

Reduce stubborn fat, firm and reshape your body with Nova Aesthetic Clinic’s advanced, FDA approved body treatments for non-invasive fat reduction, cellulite smoothing and body toning. We use only the top technologies, clinically proven to change the way you look and feel.  Alongside body sculpting we offer the gold standard in laser hair removal, using the leading technology allowing a fast, safe path to being silky smooth and fuzz free.

  • LipoFreeze
  • LPG Lipomassage
  • Ultrasound Cavitation
  • Laser Hair Removal
  • Spa Treatments
  • Nutrition


LipoFreeze-cropedNova’s LipoFreeze is an effective non-invasive method of body contouring, delivering inch loss with no pain or down time. Nova LipoFreeze uses advanced technology to break down localised fat cells through a cooling process known as cryogenic lipolysis.*
The LipoFreeze works best on people close to a health weight range, with fatty deposits in stubborn areas. LipoFreeze is not a weight loss treatment, but the results for inch loss are undeniable. Unlike many other body sculpting treatments LipoFreeze does not require a repeat treatment programme, the process is so effective that results are seen after a single treatment.*

LipoFreeze is the ideal treatment for

  • Abdomen
  • Chest (men)
  • Upper or lower back
  • Hips
  • Thighs or calves
  • Upper arms

Nova uses advanced technology established and FDA approved, as a safe and effective alternative to liposuction. Typically results show around 20-40% fat reduction in the treated area, visible within two to three weeks of treatment.*

To enhance the results of LipoFreeze, tighten skin and remove cellulite, Nova recommends combining LipoFreeze with LPG Lipomassage. We offer excellent packages for multiple areas and when combing the LipoFreeze with Lipomassage, for faster more dramatic results.*

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*Treatment results vary from person to person


Individual results may vary

LPG Lipomassage

Discover the benefits of ground breaking LPG Lipo massage at Nova.  Shift stubborn fat, firm skin and smooth away cellulite with this non-invasive vacuum roller technology.
Through LPG MÉCANO-STIMULATION of cells, fatty deposits are released, and skin collagen and elastin production is, resulting in smoother and slimmer contours.

LPG’s techniques have been used for many years by plastic surgeons, dermatologists, doctors, physical therapists, institutes, and spas throughout the world.

Am I a good candidate for LPG Lipomassage?

Lipomasssage is ideal for anyone who:

  • Despite weight loss diets, cannot seem to get rid of “saddlebags”, “muffin tops” or fat deposits riddled with cellulite dimples.
  • Is of a healthy weight, and practices a healthy lifestyle, yet suffers from cellulite dimples, fat deposits or flabby skin.
  • Despite using cosmetics, can’t remove thick, orange peel skin.
  • Would like rapid, risk-free and painless results without undergoing surgery.
  • Has experienced the major hormonal fluctuations of puberty, pregnancy, or menopause which have ended in dramatic figure changes.
  • Has the sagging, thinning skin of advancing age.
  • Wishes to reactivate the cells responsible for youthful skin and weight loss

LPG Lipomassage Treatment

Lipomassage treatments are tailored, using developed protocols and techniques, to tackle your personal concerns and problem areas.

Treatment is delivered through the application of vacuum roller handpiece, passed over the treatment area, as you relax on a comfortable treatment bed in the luxury of our spa room.

Lipomasssage feels like a relaxing, pain free, firm massage, involving no downtime or aftercare.

Results are seen after a programme of treatments, with improvements measured and assessed throughout the treatment programme.*

For assessment of your suitability for LPG book your complimentary consultation on 0208 293 1070.

*Treatment results vary from person to person

Ultrasound Cavitation

UltrasoundUltrasound Cavitation is a non-surgical fat removal procedure. The treatment uses cavitation technology which allows for non-surgical removal of inflexible fat deposits that are resistant to diet and exercise.*
Ultrasound Cavitation is a revolutionary procedure applying concentrated levels of ultrasonic energy to specific treatment areas.

This type of therapy targets and destroys subcutaneous fat cells in the fat cell membranes through a series of microscopic implosions. Once the fat cell membrane (adipose tissue) is destroyed, the fat is discharged between the cells where they are removed from the body through normal metabolic processes.

The treatment is painless, quick and with no downtime, meaning you can go back to your usual activities immediately after. Results are  seen within 2-3 weeks of treatment.*

Nova recommends multiple treatments for noticeable inch loss and combining ultrasound cavitation with LPG Lipomassage  programmes for accelerated results.*

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*Treatment results may vary from person to person

Laser Hair Removal

Remove the need for waxing or shaving with our advanced laser hair removal system, Cynosure Elite. Providing the Gold Standard in laser hair removal, treatment Cynosure Elite will allow you to say goodbye to ingrown hairs, stubble, and shaved irritated skin.
The elimination of unwanted body and facial hair using lasers is rapid, and medically proven to give hair reduction for both men and women.*
The laser targets the melanin in hair (dark pigment) and locks on to it to deliver its energy to the damage base of the hair follicle. The hair must also be in a certain stage of its growth cycle – the active growing phase – for the treatment to be effective. Not every hair is in this phase at any one time on the body which is why you will need multiple treatments.
Our state of the art laser means that large areas of skin can be treated rapidly and gently. The Nd:Yag and Alexandrite functions allow us to treat all skin types and tones safely and effectively.

Common treatment areas include:

  • Top lip, chin, jaw-line, neck
  • Legs and Bikini Line
  • Underarms and Arms
  • Back and shoulders
  • Chest, nipples and abdomen

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*Treatment results vary from person to person

Spa Treatments

Personalised Swedish Massage 30 minutes – £40 or 60 minutes – £70
Our deeply relaxing Swedish massage is designed to relieve stress and tension, leaving you feeling revived and renewed. Nourishing oil is used to intensely hydrate your skin whilst your therapist adapts the massage pressure and technique to suit your preference and needs.Swedish massage removes unwanted toxins, relieves aching muscles and releases endorphins promoting an overall sense of wellbeing.

Aromatherapy Massage– £80

A unique massage ritual that takes you on a journey through four distinct worlds: the exotic orient, the warmth of the Mediterranean, the vibrant world of India and the ancient culture of desert tribes, for a complete sensorial experience.

Hot Stone Massage – £80

Combining hot stone protocols with a full body massage to provide a healing and effective experience. Hot stone massage therapy melts away tension, eases muscle stiffness and increases circulation and metabolism.

NovaSpa Luxury Facial– £85

A therapeutic treatment for the skin aimed at cleansing and brightening your skin, opening pores and improving circulation. This soothing treatment will leave you feeling revitalised and refreshed with an illuminated and vibrant complexion.

Anti-Cellulite Massage – £90

Anti-Cellulite massage aids your circulatory, which benefits those difficult areas that can’t always be targeted through exercise. This pleasurable massage treatment is designed to relax those areas of the body where cellulite most often appears.

For treatment of specific skin concerns see our Advanced Skin Treatments 

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Nutritional programme

Nova’s Nutritional programme is an evidence-based dietary and lifestyle assessment and individual-tailored counselling to achieve your goals on weight loss and weight management, allergies and gut disorder management.

Nutritional programmeProfessional Registered Associate Nutritionists and Nutritional Therapists create your personal evidence-based programme for optimal health after a first consultation assessing medical history and current dietary habits. When appropriate, laboratory tests may be recommended.
The programme includes dietary, supplement and lifestyle advice, designing a protocol for you with recipe & menu ideas, hand-outs and any other specific information, following step by step your diet and providing motivational support to maximise the results not only on body image, but also emotional wellbeing.

The behavioural and body changes that occur at the end of the programme will boost your confidence levels and make you achieve behavioural and eating patterns swaps for long-term results.

Nutritional programmes are ideal for:

  • weight loss and weight management
  • healthy eating for busy lifestyles
  • food allergies testing (e.g. wheat allergy, coeliac disease, non-coeliac gluten sensitivity)
  • hormonal imbalances
  • disorders of the digestive system such as IBS (FODMAP), IBD and food intolerances
  • food cravings and addictions
  • sport nutrition

Nova recommends multiple treatments for noticeable inch loss and combining the nutritional programme with Lipofreeze, LPG Lipomassage and Ultrasound Cavitation programmes for accelerated results.*

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*Treatment results may vary from person to person, minimum 2 sessions required