Important information regarding Covid-19

Dear Client

Following recent plans put forward by the government, we are expecting to remain closed for any non medical appointments through until at least mid July.

We will be open for medical treatments by registered medics only. These can be booked online:


We would like to take the opportunity to update you all on our future plans, how we will be managing your appointments, and keeping you safe when we do eventually reopen.

Hygiene and Safety Standards

The health and safety of our clients and team will be paramount when we look at how we re-open. We will be carefully studying government guidelines and updating risk assessments, ensuring we are COVID-19 secure.. We will also be led by our medical team, of registered Doctors and Nurses, guiding how we minimise any risk of transmission. Being a medical environment, we have always held extremely high hygiene standards, rooms are cleaned after each appointment, and equipment is sterilised. We will be looking into how we achieve social distancing in clinic, by ensuring treatments are carried out on different floors. Obviously we are aware that social distancing cannot be achieved between client and practitioner, and when we open we will ensure we have the recommended protective equipment, to prevent transmission between client and practitioner, keeping both safe.

Appointment Rescheduling and New Appointments

If you have had an appointment booked for the period in which we have been closed there is no need to contact us to reschedule. Over the coming weeks we will be contacting all clients with missed appointments, and prioritising their re-booking.

We are extending opening hours, to provide plenty of availability for re-booking of appointments and catching up with missed treatments.

Treatment Courses, Prepaid Treatments and Gift Vouchers

All treatment courses, prepaid courses and gift vouchers will be automatically extended by the period of closure, longer if required on an individual basis. We will be prioritising appointments for clients with prepaid treatments, and allowing these clients to book first available slots.

Treatment Interruption Advice:

Laser Hair Removal

A delay in treatment will obviously delay the final results of treatment, however, you will still see the results within the number of treatments originally scheduled. The results you have already achieved will not be reversed and once your treatments start again you will continue to see further improvements. We advise avoidance of sun exposure and regular use of SPF, so that we can continue your treatments safely, as soon as we reopen. During this time our usual pre and post treatment advice remains, any change skin tone from sun tanning will prevent us from resuming your treatment immediately.

Injected Medical Treatments

A break of 2-3 months between treatments will not usually impact negatively on end results. We will discuss these on a case by case basis with you, as soon as we can reopen. In the meantime you can ensure previous treatment results are maintained for longer with frequent use of SPF, and by keeping your skin exfoliated and hydrated.

Skin Treatments

The pausing of treatment programmes will naturally lead to a delay in achievement of final results, however progress from previous treatments can be maintained with a good home skincare routine. 
We recommend the use of an exfoliating cleanser, a hydrating serum, moisturiser and SPF.

LPG Endermologie Programmes

We understand that best results are achieved when treatments are taken at regular intervals. This wont mean that previous treatments were pointless, they will have been beneficial, but may not yet have yielded a visible improvement.  We will be reviewing all active LPG treatment courses, with relevant clients, when we reopen. In the meantime, we advise regular exercise, healthy diet and increasing water intake, to ensure any previous results are maintained for as long as possible. Whilst no home treatment can compare with treatment from a medical grade LPG system, body brushing and skin massage can help with maintaining results achieved between appointments.


We have recently launched our online shop, to allow clients to purchase their skin maintenance products online. In order to support good skincare routines, needed to maintain results, we have 30% discount on all NovaSkin products currently. If you would like to purchase, go to our online shop here:

NovaSkin Online

Keeping in touch

We are not working in clinic at the moment, so unfortunately we cannot be contacted by telephone. You can contact us by email on , we are also available to chat on Whatsapp, by using the Whatsapp link on our website (when viewing from a mobile device).

Lastly we would just like to say that our team are really missing their clients. We can't wait to see you all again when its safer to do so. We are a local and independent clinic, we very much appreciate your patience and the ongoing support of our community of valued clients. We hope you are all keeping well.

With Best Wishes

The Nova Team