For Men

formneNowadays more and more men are opting for cosmetic treatments to improve their appearance and give their confidence a rejuvenating boost.
Most of our treatments apply to both male and female, including:
Laser hair removal, body treatments, rejuvenation and skin treatments, slimming and cosmetic surgery

Rejuvenation Treatments

Injectable Treatments

Many men now use injectable treatments to achieve a fresher, rejuvenated, less tired look.* Traditionally men have viewed lines and wrinkles as distinguishing, however, certain lines, particularly frown lines, crow’s feet, vertical lines and depressions, can give a negative or anxious appearance to the face. Our expert medical practitioners know how to adapt treatments for male needs, and their aesthetic eye will enable them to advise on how best to reduce undesirable lines while retaining masculinity and character.
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For men wishing to regain an aging jaw line, lift a heavy brow or tighten sagging skin, but wanting to avoid the needle our NovaLift no surgery facelift is the ideal treatment. The treatment works as well on men as women and will give a gradually building youthful result, without any immediately obvious signs of having had anything done*.

Skin Treatments

Men with clear and bright complexion have been found to appear more attractive, youthful, healthy and clean. Our aesthetic therapists understand the differences between male and female skin and can tailor a range of skin treatments to suit the needs of the male client.
Men have more sebaceous and thicker skin, therefore different products and treatment protocols are often used to get the best out of the male skin.
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Thread Veins

Unsightly, broken veins caused by diet, skin type, age, and alcohol consumption are a common problem for men. These spidery red and blue veins can give the appearance unhealthy skin and life style, however, they can also be safely removed through quick and painless laser treatments.*

Body Sculpting

At Nova, we provide body slimming treatments for men and women.


LipoFreeze is a popular male treatment, using the advanced technology of cryogenic lipolysis to shift pockets of stubborn fat for a more defined and masculine shape. ‘Love handles’ and male breast area fatty deposits are often associated with a more feminine shape and are resistant to diet and exercise. LipoFreeze can destroy fat cells and change body shape. Scientifically proven for a 20-40% reduction in fat in just one treatment, LipoFreeze is excellent for redefining those areas that the gym sessions don’t touch.*
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LPG Endermologie has specific treatment protocols for treatment of male skin and fat deposits. Using a vacuum roller for mechanical massage, the treatment works well for men wishing to firm loose skin or breakdown fat deposits. Endermologie is an excellent pre-gym treatment, releasing fat from cells which are then metabolized as you burn energy, increasing the effectiveness of your workout.*
LPG Endermologie is also a fantastic way to relive tired and aching muscles, treat sports injuries and get you ready for activity again.*
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Laser Hair Removal

Say good bye to waxing or shaving with our state of the art laser system.
Laser hair removal is our most popular male treatment. Male hair responds extremely well to treatment with laser, due to its coarser texture, with common treatment areas being back, shoulders, chest, and abdomen. Our laser can treat all skin types safely and efficiently, without any unpleasant after effects or signs of treatments.*
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*Treatment results may vary from person to person