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Skin Peels

Revitalising peels to tackle dull complexion, aging, pigmentation, and acne. Delivered by our experienced Aesthetic Skin Therapists and tailored to your skin, these exfoliating treatments smooth, brightening and clarify the appearance skin.

Skin Peels

Revitalising peels to tackle dull complexion, aging, pigmentation, and acne. Delivered by our experienced Aesthetic Skin Therapists and tailored to your skin, these exfoliating treatments smooth, brightening and clarify the appearance skin.

Our skin experts pride themselves on staying at the top of their game, and continue to enhance our treatment portfolio with advanced treatment techniques.

We are pleased to be offering the BDR system for treatment of variety of skin concerns, enabling a prescribed and tailored facial treatment, gently but effectively combing proven treatment methodologies.
What is BDR?
Leading non-invasive facial system from Germany BDR is much more than a device or a skincare range; it’s a skin treatment philosophy that employs technologies adapted from dermatology and aesthetic medicine to rejuvenate the skin on multiple levels.
How does it work?
All concerns, from wrinkles to acne, loss of volume to hyperpigmentation are caused by an imbalance in skin function. Our comprehensive 360° approach restore equilibrium so your skin looks and feels its best.
Peel + Dermabrasion

Work on the top layers of skin refining the complexion, reducing the appearance of fine lines and restoring a healthy glow.
Microneedles + Serum

Work on the deeper layers of skin, stimulating collagen and elastin production, delivering essential hydration restoring youthful volume and density.
Massage + LED

Work on every layer of skin. Lymphatic drainage and circulation massage detoxifies and tones whilst LED light energy stimulates oxygenation and boosts cell renewal.
What are the benefits?
The BDR system offers a range of targeted personalised treatments including:

BDR Rejuvenating Treatment (90 -120 min) £220

‍Restoring a plump complexion and youthful glow

‍We use a powerful combination of technologies to stimulate all skin functions and recreate the balance of a healthy, youthful skin. With BDR Rejuvenating Treatment we are able to work at all layers of the skin, to plump and firm from within and restore a radiant, fresh glow to the surface. Combining BDR patented pain-free needling, fruit acid peels, gentle microdermabrasion, advanced cosmeceutical skincare and LED light therapy to generate 100% natural skin renewal with noticeable, lasting results.

‍Treatment benefits

‍- Naturally stimulates collagen and elastin production to visibly firm skin

‍- Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles

‍- Restores youthful, glowing complexion

‍- Works at the deeper layers to plump skin
BDR Anti-Wrinkle Treatment (60-120 min) £200

‍Targeted treatment to minimise the appearance of deep set wrinkles

‍Our Anti-Wrinkle treatment is the ultimate attack on wrinkles, and the ideal targeted solution for problem areas like crow’s feet and smokers’ lines around the lips. We use BDR patented technology to treat the wrinkles from the bottom up, restoring volume with a natural alternative to injectable treatments.

‍Treatment benefits

‍- Significantly reduces deep-set wrinkles

‍- Refines the complexion

‍- Provides an on-going lifting effect

BDR Acne Treatment (50-90 mins) £120

‍To deeply cleanse and visibly purify problem skin

‍Many of us will experience acne at some stage in our life – it affects men and women of all ages, not just teenagers. Acne bacteria feeds off the sebum, the natural oil in our skin. When the skin produces too much sebum, it mixes with the dead skin cells that accumulate on the skin’s surface and clogs pores, preventing oxygen from penetrating and providing the perfect conditions for acne bacteria to thrive.

‍Our powerful BDR Acne treatment not only targets the inflammation and breakouts that are visible on the skin, it also restores skin back to its healthy, balanced state to prevent further problems.

‍Treatment benefits

‍ • Deeply cleanses and exfoliates

‍ • Purifies the skin of acne bacteria

‍ • Reduces inflammation

‍ • Rebalances moisture levels

‍ • Prevents scar formation

*Introductory offer - 30% off your first BDR Treatment at Nova* For more information, or to book a treatment call 020 8293 1070.
The importance of clean and well exfoliated skin has long been the emphasis of most advanced skin care routines. Without exfoliation skin builds layers of dead cells, harbours acne causing bacteria, and gradually reduces the rate at which it renews, leading to aging and pigmentation changes. Skin peels are one of the most popular aesthetic skin treatments due to the ability to provide controlled depth exfoliating alongside directed treatment of skin concerns.
How do Skin Peels work?
Peels and resurfacers (lighter peels) use acids and enzymes to exfoliate away layers of the skin to reveal fresher, clearer, more youthful looking skin. Ranging from superficial exfoliation to deeper treatment of problem skin, peels and resurfacers harness the power of naturally occurring acids to dissolve the outer layers of skin and treat a variety of skin concerns.

The safe but powerful blend of ingredients in skin peels work to visibly reduce the appearance of open pores, dissolve dead skin cells, target blemishes, acne and pigmentation, and visibly smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
What can Skin Peels treat?
Skin peels produce impressive and lasting results for a variety of concerns. Most commonly treated skin problems treated with peels are:

• Acne and acne scarring
• Hyper pigmentation and age spots
• Fine lines and wrinkles
• Dry, coarse tired and dull skin
What happens during treatment?
Our treatments always start with a skin analysis and consultation to establish the correct peel to treat your concern. Following a deep cleanser and appropriate skin preparation a solution is applied to the skin surface and absorbed, before releasing the active acid component, which then works from within the skin. Your aesthetician will assess the progress of this treatment and halt the activity of the solution with a neutraliser when the correct depth has been reached. The treatments will feel tingly and hot, but not unpleasant. All peel and resurfacer treatments are carried out by trained and experienced aestheticians to ensure a safe and effective outcome.
Which Skin Peels are offered at Nova?
Our Aestheticians use a range of peels and resurfacers, these include:

ZO Stimmulator Peel – A great brightening, pre-party treatment for stimulation of collagen, exfoliation of dead skin for softer smoother skin.
Dermaquest Pumpkin – Harnessing naturally occurring acids found in pumpkin pulp this treatment is ideal for lifting pigmentation, treating fine lines and brightening skin.
Glycolic Acid – A naturally occurring deep penetrating acid, exfoliating skin and proving good overall revitalisation.
Lactic Acid – A gentle and natural acid which leaves the skin brightened and refreshed.
Peptide Vitality – A powerful anti-aging treatment, producing plump and glowing skin, using advanced peptides to fill out lines and stimulate collagen production.
Salicylic Resurfacers and Peels – We utilise a range of varying strengths of salicyclic treatments to treat all degrees of acne and oily skin complaints, control skin inflammation, kill off bacteria and clear congestion.
Jessners Peels – Ideal for acne suffers to clear congestion, remove bacteria and minimise pores.
TCA Peel – An advanced treatment for removing upper layers to smooth away lines and kick start skin regeneration
What Preparation and Aftercare is required?
Preparation varies depending on the type and depth of peel required, along with your skin type. Some treatments may require prior homecare, however we do also have peel treatments available which require no prep and are suitable for most people.

The aftercare also depends greatly on the strength of peel used, and recommend SPF and hydration to get the best results and to protect your newly revealed skin. With many peels we expect some redness after treatment and some flaking and gentle shedding of the outer skin layer in the days following. After this process your skin will become noticeably softer and fresher looking.
Skin Peels Prices

Dermaquest Resurfacers
£75 (Single Treatment) / £191 (Course of 3)

ZO Skin Health Stimulator Peel
£75 (Single Treatment) / £191 (Course of 3)

TCA / Salicylic /Jesseners Dermaquest Chemical Peel
£120 (Single Treatment) / £360 (Course of 3)*
*(Includes homecare Serum & SPF)

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