Gentle semi-permanent makeup to redefine eyebrow shape, create fuller brows or restore thinning and fading eyebrows.

Eyebrows really do frame the eyes, a well defined and correctly shaped brow can open the eye, and rejuvenate the face. Current trends show a fuller eyebrow than in past decades and many people find this difficult to achieve due to brow loss through age or overplucking. Having a well shaped brow line can provide structure to the face and a more youthful yet defined appearance.

The perfect shape, colour and fullness is difficult for most people to achieve and maintain, which is why Microblading has become a hugely popular treatment.

Microblading involves the use of a handheld tool, comprised of 6-14 microneedles, in the shape of a blade. The tool is used to insert pigment into the upper layers of the skin, the epidermis. As the colour stays close to the surface the strokes, which mimic natural hairs, appear crisp and clean, and do not spread over time. Microblading is a much gentler alternative to brow tattooing, which pushes pigment deeper into the dermis and results in a spread of ink over time.

Our Microblading expert, Agata Graciova, is an experienced Senior Aesthetician, who has studied with Everlasting brows to perfect her techniques and deliver the perfect shape and tone for everyone. Agata is a talented artist, in her spare time she draws and paints, she applies these skills to create flawless eyebrow strokes, aligning perfectly with the natural brow and hair movement.

Agata uses Everlasting brow pigments because they are perfectly blended to provide a natural tone. Many pigments fade poorly, bringing undesirable pinkish or blueish tones to the skin. Everlasting brows pigments have a unique blend that counter balance, meaning that even as the microblading starts to fade, the colour remain stable.

The Microblading Process

Any new treatment starts with a consultation. We ask clients to come with their usual makeup so that Agata can see how they prefer their eye and brow area to look. At consultation pigment and anaesthetic are patch tested.

Prior to the microblading procedure a topical anaesthetic is applied. Following this a thorough and precise brow mapping takes place, to ensure a perfect position and symmetry of the brows. Clients will be consulted on the preferred shape and thickness prior to any treatment. The pigments are blended and selected from a vast range, based on client’s skin tone, hair colour and preference.

In some cases, for fuller brows, shading is required, with a small electronic tool.

Microblading can be a little uncomfortable but its perfectly bearable for most since the pigment is etched into the surface of the skin. Additional anaesthetic can be applied throughout the procedure.


The results immediately after treatment are thicker and heavier than the final result. This is because, in the first few weeks after treatment, the pigment fades up to 50%. A follow up treatment is provided 4-6 weeks after the initial procedure.

The final results last for up to 18months.

Microblading Price

Microblading Including 1 Top up Session


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