About Microblading

Gentle semi-permanent makeup to redefine eyebrow shape, create fuller brows or restore thinning and fading eyebrows.

Procedure Time
90 min
Recovery Time
1 Week
Pain Scale
£25 (deposit)

Microblading involves the use of a handheld tool, comprised of 6-14 microneedles, in the shape of a blade. The tool is used to insert pigment into the upper layers of the skin, the epidermis. As the colour stays close to the surface the strokes, which mimic natural hairs, appear crisp and clean, and do not spread over time. Microblading is a much gentler alternative to brow tattooing, which pushes pigment deeper into the dermis and results in a spread of ink over time.


Microblading Including 1 Top up Session

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