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Every mark on our body tells a tale. Some we cherish, others we might want to modify. At Nova, we’re not just offering a service; we’re offering a transformation, a chance to reframe your narrative.

Gone are the days when only black ink could be efficiently removed. With the cutting-edge technology of Hollywood Spectra, we can now break down pigments of all colors with ultra-short, precise laser pulses.

What to Expect?

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Pricing Based on Your Tatto Size:

Very Small (1-3cm)

Single Treatment

Course of 8



Small (4-6cm)

Single Treatment

Course of 8



Medium (7-15cm)

Single Treatment

Course of 8



Large (16-20cm)

Single Treatment

Course of 8




About Tattoo Removal

Why Hollywood Spectra?

The Hollywood Spectra stands out due to its precision, ensuring minimal pain and maximum results. Whether it’s an old love, a change of heart, or simply a desire to cleanse and make space for the new, we’re here to help you transition smoothly.

How does Hollywood Spectra Tattoo Removal work?

Hollywood Spectra Tattoo Removal uses advanced laser technology to break down tattoo pigments. Ultra-short, precise laser pulses target the ink, allowing for effective removal of tattoos in various colors.

Can Hollywood Spectra remove tattoos of all colors?

Yes, Hollywood Spectra is the gold standard for tattoo removal and can efficiently break down pigments of all colors, unlike traditional methods that were more effective on black ink.

Who performs the Hollywood Spectra Tattoo Removal at Nova Clinic?

Our tattoo removal procedures are conducted by our skilled Nova Clinic Tattoo Experts. Meet Silvia Cristina Emanuela, one of our experienced professionals dedicated to providing top-notch service.

What sizes of tattoos can be treated with Hollywood Spectra at Nova Clinic?

Hollywood Spectra is versatile and can be used on tattoos of various sizes. Our pricing is based on tattoo size, ranging from very small (1-3cm) to large (16-20cm)

How many treatments are typically required for tattoo removal?

The number of treatments needed varies based on factors such as tattoo size, color, and individual skin response. Generally, a course of 8 treatments is recommended for optimal results.

Is Hollywood Spectra Tattoo Removal painful?

While discomfort levels may vary among individuals, Hollywood Spectra is designed to minimize pain. Our experts take measures to ensure a comfortable experience, and numbing creams are often applied to reduce sensation.

Are there any post-treatment care instructions for Hollywood Spectra Tattoo Removal?

Yes, aftercare instructions will be provided by our experts. It’s essential to follow these guidelines to ensure proper healing and optimal results.