Valentina Capparelli

Registered Aesthetic Nurse

Valentina is an a Registered Nurse with a passion for aesthetics. Following the achievement of her nursing degree in Italy, Valentina moved to the UK and worked at St Georges hospital London, whilst developing her knowledge of dermatological and aesthetic procedures.

In London Valentina has worked under leading dermatologists developing her skills and expertise in the treatment of skin and cosmetic procedures.

Valentina brings a wealth of knowledge to Nova, along with a sound medical background


Valentina says:

"Since a young age I've been taught about the importance of skin care, my mother as an aesthetician herself has inspired me to help people feel happy in their own life
Since I started my career in London I've had great opportunities to develop my skills in cosmetics, working alongside the best dermatologists in London. Being under their wing is when I discovered my love for aesthetic medicine.
Being a nurse isn't always easy, but the feeling  you get from helping someone I find most rewarding.
I believe beauty is everywhere, even if you can't see it in yourself, it means that you simply need to change your perspective,  it certainly isn't about trying to be someone else."

Valentina offers injected medical treatments, laser treatments for skin and hair, chemical peels, microneedling, mesotherapy, body shaping treatments and prescriptive facials.


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