Aesthetic Facials

Discover tailored facials using scientifically researched advanced skin care. These results driven treatments contain active pharmaceuticals to change the skin from within. Prescribed and delivered by experienced Skin Experts our aesthetic facials are tailor made to manage your concerns.

Aesthetic facials successfully combine beauty and science for a result driven treatment that can be completely tailored to skin types and concerns, promoting and maintaining health skin.

Untreated city tired skin can be revitalised by a good skin care regime however almost all of us would benefit from the hands of a skin expert, able to diagnose what exactly is making our skin so dull and apply products and protocols not available to untrained home users.

At Nova our aestheticians thoroughly recommend great homecare however we recognise that all skin sometimes need a lift from a professional grade product selection, applied following a comprehensive analysis of the skin.

An aesthetic facial at Nova uses advanced and active skincare containing pharmaceutical grade ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin drive change.

Sometimes known as a medical facial, these luxurious and bespoke treatments select from a range of researched products rather than a pre-set menu, and provide real results that last far beyond the treatment room.

What differentiates an Aesthetic Facial from a Spa treatment?

In short, the difference between aesthetic facials and their spa counterparts revolves around the products used. Aesthetic facials employ cosmeceutical products which are so called for their ability to penetrate beyond the surface and into the dermis, delivering key ingredients for, longer lasting results. 

Whilst many expensive spa and beauty brands have a luxurious feel and calming aromas they are unable to really pass beyond the top layers, the epidermis. For this reason they are excellent are providing a short term glow and skin boost, along with a sense of calm and wellbeing, but unlikely to provide longer term change to the operation and structure of the skin.

What can be treated with an Aesthetic Facial?

• Acne and Oily Skin: The Dermaclear range from the amazing Dermaquest provides an ideal introductory facial treatment for suffers of acne or oil. Using active products containing oil inhibitors and bacteria dissolving ingredients this range provides a much needed deep clean and calms oil and acne inflammation. 

• Aging and Lines: Through application of stem cells, retinol, firming peptides and plant enzymes our facials can be tailored to minimise the appearance of lines, and other signs of aging. With deep penetrating cosmeceuticals the skin can be tightened and boosted. 

• Pigmentation and Melsma Our clarifying treatments work to break down the pigmentation through gentle plant acids and enzymes, and to prevent further pigmentation we utilise safe pharmaceutical grade products to suppress melanin production and pigmentation responses. 

• Rosacea, Redness and Sensitive Skin Delicate cleansers and serums are selected to calm redness, heal skin and prevent flair ups. Active ingredients do not mean irritation, and specific botanicals such as green tea extracts, in our sensitive ranges sooth and visibly reduce the appearance of sensitive skin conditions. 

• Dry and Dull Skin Brightening treatments utilise fruit acids and enzyme for a gentle yet effective exfoliation. Removing dull and dead skin provides instant brightening and softening which is then supported through the application of penetrating nutrients and vitamin C for a long lasting glow.

Our treatments always start with a skin analysis and consultation to establish the correct peel to treat your concern. Following a deep cleanser and appropriate skin preparation a solution is applied to the skin surface and absorbed, before releasing the active acid component, which then works from within the skin. Your aesthetician will assess the progress of this treatment and halt the activity of the solution with a neutraliser when the correct depth has been reached. The treatments will feel tingly and hot, but not unpleasant. All peel and resurfacer treatments are carried out by trained and experienced aestheticians to ensure a safe and effective outcome.
What happens during treatment?
Aesthetic facials are carried out by trained aestheticians, who will provide a skin analysis and diagnosis before prescribing the correct products for your skin. 

All facials include cleanse, exfoliation, mask and hydration, which are tailored to your skin and concerns. Combinations of treatments are vast, enabling our aestheticians to address a combination of concerns and to ensure your treatment is truly unique. 

Treatments feel warm, pleasant and relaxing, and our delivered using a gentle massaging touch to enable activate ingredients as they are applied.
Which brands are used at Nova?

As an independent Medispa we select from the leaders in cosmeceutical skin care, these include: 

Dermaquest – This award winning range is a pioneer in scientific based skincare, and a leader in the field of plant based stem cells. The benefits of dermaqeust can be supported by their comprehensive homecare ranges, targeted at a spectrum of skin concerns. 

SkinCeuticals - SkinCeuticals uses ingredients that are backed by science and provide advanced skincare. SkinCeuticals is recommended by plastic surgeons, select pharmacies, dermatologists and many medical and premium spas found around the globe. 

ZO Skin Health - Developed by world famous dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi, the ZO Skin Health range applies his most recent philosophies for achieving and maintaining healthy, youthful skin. 

Glo Therapeutics - Glo provide targeted skin care for a range of conditions rooted in scientific research, containing potent concentrations of active ingredients 

Medik8 Professional - Results driven skincare with a proven track record for a variety of skin concerns. Medik8 provide optimum strength ingredients with effective and advanced delivery systems.

Aesthetic Facials Prices
ZO Skin Health Facial

£60 (Single Treatment) / £153 (Course of 3)

SkinCeuticals City Radiance Facial
£75 (Single Treatment) / £191 (Course of 3)

Dermaquest Facials: Essential Balance - Dermaclear - Peptide Vitalitity - Skinbrite - Stem Cell Rescue
£60 (Single Treatment) / £153 (Course of 3)

Dermaquest Advanced Retinol Facial
£75 (Single Treatment) / £191 (Course of 3)

Dermaquest Resurfacers - Pumpkin – Dermaclear - Peptide Vitality
£75 (Single Treatment) / £191 (Course of 3)

Dermaquest Chemical Peel –Vitamin C Infusion - TCA - Salicylic - Jessners*
£120 (Single Treatment) / £360 (Course of 3)
*Course price include Hydrating Serum & SPF Homecare

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