Cooltech Body Sculpting

Cooltech Body Sculpting

About Cooltech Body Sculpting

About Cooltech Body Sculpting

Remove stubborn fat without surgery or downtime with Cooltech's advanced body sculpting treatment. Fat is destroyed in a single, safe and comfortable procedure, for noticeably slimmer results.

Procedure Time
70 min
Recovery Time
No - 48h
Pain Scale
£25 (deposit)

Cooltech is an effective non-invasive method of body contouring, delivering inch loss and visible results with no pain or down time. Cooltech uses advanced technology to break down localised fat cells through a cooling process known as cryogenic lipolysis, or Fat Freezing.

Cooltech works best on people close to a health weight range, with fatty deposits in stubborn areas. Cooltech is not a weight loss treatment, but the results for inch loss are undeniable. Unlike many other body sculpting treatments Cooltech does not require a repeat treatment programme, the process is so effective that results are seen after a single treatment.



1 Area
2 Areas
Fat Freezing
Under Chin

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