LPG Endermolift

A natural and effective anti-aging solution with results visible from the first session. Targeted treatments for face lifting, complexion enhancement, facial sculpting and skin detoxing.

As we age, and in response to environmental factors, our skin loses its firmness and glow. Collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid deplete in the skin over time, which results in wrinkle formation and loss of skin density and plumpness.

LPG Endermolift uses gentle vacuum massage to stimulate the skin’s natural production of these youth enhancing ingredients to restore vitality, reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles and lift sagging skin.

Targeted Treatments

LPG Endermolift treatments are designed at consultation and can work to target you specific concerns. These include:

  • Eye & Brow Lift – working on puffiness around the eye area and lifting dropping and sagging eyelids.
  • Skin Stimulation – to clarify complexion, smooth wrinkles on the face and neck, tighten pores and refine skin texture.
  • Double Chin Removal – Facial Contouring to work on breaking down under chin fatty deposits, resulting in a smoother jawline and profile.
  • Lip Plumping – stimulating collagen around the lip area to improve lip volume, minimise lines around the mouth and nasal labial folds, and lift a drooping mouth area.
  • Detoxifying – treatments targeted for facial lymphatic drainage, reducing facial puffiness, and re-oxygenating the skin to restore vitality and glow.

Treatment Process

Prior to the Endermolift treatment the skin is thoroughly cleansed and gently exfoliated.
The treatment involves the application of a hand piece and feels like a gentle massage, there is no discomfort and the process is usually described as relaxing.

Treatments are finished with hydrating pharmaceutical grade vitamin serums and broad spectrum nourishing sun protection.

Treatment Results

80% Increase in Hyaluronic Acid*

70% Firmer Skin*

87% Wrinkles Smoothed*

X2 Complexion Radiance*

* HUMBERT P. et al. Clinical Interventions in Aging 2015 : 10,1-17.

LPG Endermolift shows results from the 1st Session, however we recommend a course of treatments to build upon results and create longer lasting improvements.  The Endermolift treatment has no downtime, skin can appear slighter redder after treatment but most people have a radiant glow, meaning that its perfect prior to an event.

LPG Endermolift Prices

LPG Age Defy: Re-Plumping & Firming
£85 (Single Treatment) / £450 (Course of 6)

LPG Eye Lift Treatment

£50 / £275 (Course of 6)

LPG Facial Contouring Treatment 
£50 / £275 (Course of 6)

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