Skin Scan & Analysis

Look beneath the layers and receive a detailed diagnosis of your skin condition, with personalised advice on getting the best from your skin.

At Nova we believe the best approach to managing skin, no matter what your concern, is to start with a full examination of the skin.  Because many skin conditions originate from deeper skin layers and as a result they are difficult to diagnose with the human eye.

Our Skin Experts are able to see underlying causes of skin concerns with the breakthrough skin analysis technique provided by Observ Skin Diagnostic.

How does the Observ Skin Analysis work?

The Observ Diagnostic takes 6 images of your skin with specialised lamps, which are then transferred to an ipad for analysis. The images show through layers of the skin and help identifying underlying issues which are causing skin to look less than perfect, and to pick up issues which can have a negative effect on skins appearance and aging in the future.

What can be identified with the Skin Analysis?

Using the Observ our clinicians we will be able to clearly see areas of:

  • Skin dehydration
  • Congestion and clogged pores
  • Poor circultation
  • Wrinkle formation and fine line emergence
  • Vascular conditions
  • Loss of collagen

By accurately diagnosing issues beneath the skin, our experts are able to provide detailed advice and bespoke treatments, targeting the real causes of aging, acne, pigmentation or dull and tired skin.

Record Your Skin’s Journey

When our clients undertake a treatment program with us, tracking changes with the Observ allows us to show the very real results achieved by our treatments.  The images can demonstrate the efficacy of treatment, and act as clinical reference photos.

We recommend a Skin Scan and analysis to all clients wanting to improve their skin and see changes over time.

Skin Scan and Analysis Prices

Skin Scan & Full Consultation

£25 - Cost of consultation will be deducted from future treatment cost

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