Ingrown Hairs

About Ingrown Hairs

Though completely harmless, ingrown hairs can be painful and lead to people feeling self-conscious. There are a number of hot spots, including on the legs, bikini line as well as face. Ingrown hairs can become infected, too, leading to cysts which take a long time to go away and are painful when they burst.

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Why do ingrown hairs appear?

Areas that have been shaved regularly tend to grow thicker hair, which are more likely to grow into the skin instead of outwards. Shaving can also make the hairs become 'sharper', meaning it is easier for the hair to grow back into its follicle. Waxing can also result in more ingrown hairs than before, but is thought to be better than shaving. If you are particularly susceptible to this condition, it's recommended that you don't shave or wax at all, but use other treatments such as laser hair removal instead.

Ingrown hairs are common around the bikini line and legs for women, and on the neck and beard area for men. Those with naturally thick or curly hair are more likely to get the condition. Women with hormonal imbalances, moreover, like polycistic ovary syndrome (PCOS), also tend to have thicker hair growth which is more susceptible to becoming ingrown.

The most natural way to keep ingrown hairs at bay is to incorporate exfoliation into your daily beauty regime. This gently brushes away dead skin cells, and can naturally raise the hairs out of the skin. Use exfoliating gloves or an exfoliating shower gel that is gentle and kind to your skin.

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